All Set to Go

Its been a long winter for us in rebuilding Stella 2 but she is done, painted and decaled and ready to go. We were hoping to be out this past Saturday but due to rain we were postponed to Sunday but due to work constraints and back up driver unavailable we were not able to race. But June 8 we will be ready to show what we can do. We have goals but have to see how the car performs in practice. Want to thank all our sponsors: Prosigns, Castrol Canada, Performance Improvements, RSA Autoparts, Fastenal Midland, RAM Contracting, TSS Top Shop, Beatty Automotive, UPS Barrie/Collingwood and special thanks to California Dave for painting Stella 2 and Joe Ficker and Brandon Crumbie for the guidance and hard work at rebuilding Stella 2. Also want to thank my husband for all your support, without you this would not be happening. Come out to Flamboro Speedway on June 8 and support the Adams Racing Team.

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