The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A few weeks ago it was determined that I would unable to race this past weekend and had made arrangements to utilize the backup driver rule. We had in listed Brandon Crumbie to drive Stella 2 for us as he has taken her for practice in past to help with the setup. With more changes done this week Stella 2 was ready. My husband Bill, and the crew along with Brandon arrived to get ready for practice. Both practices were used to help get the car ready for the heats with some last minute fine tuning. Brandon was to start 8th. With talking to Brandon, he said that he played with the first couple of laps to determine how Stella 2 was running and felt good in the car and took off. Brandon was moving up and showing the car is now ready to compete (the good), but at about lap 4 another driver lost control and slammed into the side which sent Brandon into the wall. Stella 2 sustained a lot of damage enough that she was done and Brandon was a little shaken but okay (the bad). When Stella 2 was brought into the pit several people helped us tear the front end apart and assess the damage. Although it looked extensive it was not as bad as we thought, thanks to my husband Bill, the car was built to collapse the way it did and save the main part of the car and just require us to rebuild the front end. New rad and fan and a few other parts and good to go for next week (the ugly). Bill and I want to thank Brandon and Dave Crumbie, Mark Robson, Peter Wakeling, David Adams, Merv Walt and the Adams Racing crew of Wanda Tennant-Gadsden and Gwen Woiken for helping with the aftermath. Also want to thank Brandon and Joe Ficker for all the help and advise to make the changes to Stella 2 as well our sponsors for their support this season.

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