July 16 Racing

Well its going to be a great night with two features tonight, our makeup from last week and our regular feature. Practice helped to ensure that we had the setup problems rectified but having some issues with the motor. By the end of practice session we had the motor issues complete and we were ready for our first feature. Started the feature and the car seem to be running great till about midway thru the race the throttle cable broke. Although it was during the race we were able to get the car off safely with no caution called. We were able to replace it for the heat race where we started 7th and finished 9th due to some more motor issues. A little more fine tuning and got things running better. Started 7th for the feature, although fell back in the pack the car finally got its groove and we started to move up but got turned coming out of turn 2 and slammed into the wall. Although minor damage to the car we would be unable to continue. After the race and back in the pit we assessed the damage and easily fixed but unfortunately i developed some severe pain in the left arm that would result in a minor fracture in the elbow. Some rest and a makeover for Stella 2 over the next two weeks as we have a week off. See you on July 30/16 for some more great racing.

Photo by Thompson Photography

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