June 4 Racing

What an interesting night of racing for the Adams Racing team. After a week of making changes to Stella 2 it was back to the track to see if we made progress. We had Brandon Crumbie take it out for first practice to see if the handling had improved. Second test was my try and we both agreed it got much better. Third practice would see Stella 2 stop running after 1 lap. Thru testing and changing parts it was determined that the distributor broke and was changed. Finally got her re-fired but missed the heat. Got some test laps in before the feature where we would start scratch. The car handled great and we had the best run so far this year, started 21st and ended 13th in the feature. Thanks to my great team and sponsors for making this year an awesome year. A few more changes this week then back for two nights of racing next weekend.

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