July 18 & 19 Racing

It was a two day weekend of racing with Saturday being a regular night and Sunday being a make up night May 30/15. Saturday started early as we had a session with Mark Dilley to help improve on lines and cornering. Throughtout practice we continued to work on the getting better and faster. Heat race was not too bad but finished back that I would have to run the consi. On the last lap it looked like we were going to finish 3rd but it was not to be as we were spun by another car and finished last. Started 24th in the feature and finished finished around 16th but happy with the performance of the car. We would be back for the next day of racing to start all over again.

Sunday proved to be a little better. Finished 5th in heat which meant starting 3rd in the cons. This time we would finish 3rd with a starting position of 7th for the feature and finished 14th. Car is still in one piece with a few scraps but happy to be still racing. Stella 2 in progressing well and our new goal is to debut on August 15/15 which will be our Mental Health Awareness Night.

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