Race to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

Our team has taken on the the challenge to raise awareness for Mental Health especially for youth and adolescences.  This is a result of Wendy and Bill losing a son at the age of 17 to suicide. His name was Zackery and there is a picture of him on the dash to help carry his memory each and every night.   Each of the programs are listed below and the services offered by each.  

Kids Help Phones

Kids talk to Kids Help Phone when kids don't know who to talk to.

There for kids, day and night to reach a Kids Help Phone professional counsellor, kids, teens and young adults, from any community in Canada, can call or go online 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Anything goes from trouble with homework to dealing with loss and grief to thoughts of suicide, kids can talk to Kids Help Phone about anything. Professional counsellors provide anonymous, confidential and non-judgemental support.


Even though everyone needs help sometimes, stigma around mental and emotional health struggle remains strong. The threat of being judged or labeled can leave both adults and kids reluctant to seek help.


Newpath Youth and Family Service
New Path Youth and Family Services of Simcoe County is an accredited children’s mental health centre providing a range of compassionate,innovative and accessible services for children, youth and their families throughout Simcoe County. New Path is funded through multiple funding sources including the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Attorney General.
We provide direct service to children and adults, and develop resources for new programs. Everyone at New Path works together to create better futures for people and their communities.
Bear Creek Wellness Initiative
The Pledge to End Bullying

Welcome to Bear Creek Secondary School’s Wellness initiative. The initiative is meant to provide parents, students, and teachers with helpful links, articles, etc. that may provide support for teenagers in areas of mental, emotional and psychological well-being.We want to make Bear Creek a place where students can feel comfortable coming forth with their issues and we can support each student in the best possible way


Defeat Depression is a national mental health awareness, anti-stigma and fundraising campaign that provides hope for people affected by depression and other mood disorders. Across Canada, volunteers are organizing walks, runs and other physical and social activities to get people talking about and moving for mental health. Physical activities like walking and running, along with community engagement and social interaction, have a demonstrated positive effect on mental health.  Donations received through the Defeat Depression campaign assist local community organizations who provide critical supports and services to individuals and families affected by depression, mood disorders, and other mental illness.  For more information, please visit www.defeatdepression.ca  

Defeat Depression

Bullying is a major problem for Canadian children and one we cannot afford to ignore. If we change the way we view relationships, we can stop bullying for good. We all have the power to keep kids safe. Bullying should never be a part of anyone’s childhood."


Take the pledge to end bullying at -  http://ctvnewslondon.ca/ThePledgeToEndBullying/.